Over the past five years, there has been a notable uptick in food delivery usage. What used to be a small two car fleet at a pizza restaurant has now become a global phenomenon integrated into a series of smart phone apps. Postmates, Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and DoorDash have taken the pizza delivery model and expanded it to feed billions across the world. Here are four reasons why meal delivery apps are so great:

  1. Order anytime, anywhere, within seconds. Postmates and other conglomerates make it extremely simple to select any restaurant in your neighborhood, review their menu, choose your meal and drink, and checkout. If you frequent the same vendor, they take note and save your orders for later in case you want them again. If you are on the way home and want food waiting at your front door step, it can be scheduled in advance. Convenience at its most efficient.
  2. Unlimited Options. Between the four most popular delivery app options, you can essentially eat from any vendor within a few miles of your house. All food preferences can be met through this versatility, so no exclusion of picky eaters or dietary needs.
  3. Order for others. Perhaps it’s date night but you want to order your children dinner, all it takes is selecting your home address and they’ll be taken care of in no time. Additionally, meal delivery can be gifted to others during trying times.
  4. Supporting local businesses. Food delivery services have a great impact on customer exposure to restaurants. New customers from neighboring areas can grow awareness about eateries that they were unfamiliar with, making meal delivery apps a dual platform of service and marketing.