Parents are growing anxious about sending their children to college in the fall amid the growing negative indicators revolving around COVID.

Every year colleges partake in surveys to follow the retention rates of their underclassmen admittance going into the fall of the school year. In 2019, the likelihood that parents were considering transferring the school their offspring were enrolled in was 39%. After the outbreak of COVID, that statistic nearly doubled to 61%.

Parents across the board are concerned about their children's safety with studies recording 89% of parents in a study group indicated their worry. While the educational industry is already extremely competitive from the vast variety of higher learning options, those who best face contemporary health concerns will come out on top.

Communication and transparency will be the preferred cooperation that parents want from the schools their children attend. The sweeping majority of parents want to see a clear picture of health planning that has not yet been published by colleges.

To save the revenue and prestige that institutions rely on in our educational market, colleges must take into consideration these concerns.